Dallas Linked to New Blockbuster Trade for Deandre Ayton

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The Deandre Ayton to Dallas trade fell through months ago but now there might be a pathway forward for the big man to head to Dallas before the season starts.

On Draft night, the Mavs pulled off two seperate trades, one of these involved Kings veteran center Richaun Holmes in a salary-dump deal.

One of the terms of the Dallas’ deal with Sacramento was that Holmes couldn’t be traded for 60 days due to a trade aggregate up until September 6, but now that time has passed.

As well, it was reported by NBA insider Marc Stein that Phoenix had a conversation with Dallas on Draft night about a trade involving Ayton for Tim Hardaway Jr., Holmes and JaVale McGee but Stein says “the Suns balked at McGee’s inclusion.”

Now that McGee has been waived by the Mavs and the trade aggregate date has passed, its time to revisit the Ayton trade, Sports Illustrated Dalton Trigg says.

“So … given that McGee was apparently the biggest disagreement the Mavs and Suns had in their Ayton talks, wouldn’t it be feasible to envision those conversations potentially coming up again sometime before the season begins,” Trigg wrote. “Would Phoenix take Hardaway and Holmes straight up with McGee out of the way, or would they now push for draft compensation as well.”

Since waiving McGee in August, the Mavs are a little shallow in the frontcourt department.

Their big men include Dwight Powell, Markieff Morris, and rookie Dereck Lively II.

It was very clear last season that Dallas needed to upgrade their center position to include a genuine facilitator for their stars Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic.

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Ayton seemed to have a new lease on life during his stints with the Bahamian National basketball team recently.

He even took a subtle shot at his Suns teammates after the FIBA qualifying tournament by saying his Bahamas teammates were the best he’s”ever been around, on and off the court.”

A fresh start for Ayton could be just what he needs.

Watch this space.