Rich Paul Exposes Stephen A. Smith For Capping

Rich Paul

Rich Paul has disputed Stephen A. Smith’s claim that he told Paul to “get the f*ck out of my face”.

Smith recently claimed he made the comment to Paul after the well-known agent took issue with him ranking Michael Jordan ahead of Paul’s top client, LeBron James.

But when Paul appeared on Gilbert Arenas’ podcast and was asked whether Smith actually made the comment, he said it was “cap”.


“C’mon, man,” Paul said on Gil’s Arena. “Anybody in the world who know me, he’s not going to say that to me.

“Now, if you want to add context to it, because you know, Stephen A., that’s my guy. We have cordial conversations…

“There’s no such thing as ‘get the f*ck out my face’. Now, you can say, ‘Aw man, get outta here’. Let’s just add context for the viewers.”