Stephen A. Smith Calls LeBron Out For “Lying”

Stephen A. Smith has been known to stretch the truth but this time, it is him calling out LeBron James for his comments about fatigue.

A video circulated earlier this week where LeBron said that he simply doesn’t get tired and explained how its just a mindset.

“Don’t mean nothing,” LeBron said. “Tired is only in the mind. You tell yourself you’re tired, you’re gonna be tired. I don’t get tired.”

ESPN’s Smith has reacted to James’ comments and while he did call him out, he also gave him big props while throwing shade on AD.

“He’s lying,” Smith said on First Take. “He has gotten tired, but that’s okay. LeBron James, of all the things that make him an extraordinary role model, the greatest thing to me is his conditioning and his commitment to being in shape. It was a travesty that this man, in his 20th season, was in better shape than most of the league last year, including his teammate Anthony Davis.”

Davis is a full eight years younger than LeBron but has had a terrible run of injuries and LeBron just continues to perform like he’s basically bionic.

Of course, King James also had his fair share of injury troubles last year, but when he did, his recovery times were fairly miraculous.

“The doctors told me I was healing faster than anybody before they’ve seen with the injury,” the 38-year-old said of a foot injury he sustained.

Last season, he averaged a wild 35.5 minutes – which was within the top 20 in the NBA.

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He will turn 39 at the end of this year as he enters his 21st season in the league and apart from the odd injury, he hasn’t showed many signs of slowing down.

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