Steph Curry Reveals True Feelings on Playing into His 40s

40s Steph

Steph Curry is still one of the best NBA players at 35 years old and seems to be ageing like a fine wine, but will he play on into his 40s?

The Warriors clearly don’t want to waste any time while Curry is still producing prime stat lines.

The Dubs have pushed their long-term future aside by extending and signing four veterans in Curry, Draymond Green, Chris Paul and likely Klay Thompson next summer.

Speaking on Gil’s Arena recently, Curry acknowledged that it will be a bit of wait-and-see situation as to whether he plays beyond his current contract but he certainly doesn’t have any plans to call time at any point soon.

“I never imagined myself being the 40-plus dude, trying to hold on for dear life,” Curry said. “But who knows what my body will look like and feel like at that point?. I got three years left on my deal including this year, so at least that and then kinda figure it out from there.

“I don’t really put too much of a timeline outside of my contract now, just knowing that would get me to 38 and 17 years in the NBA. Sheesh, just give me that! Just give me that. I ain’t skippin’ to go play golf just yet.”

The prolific three-point shooter will be 36 years of age in March and as he mentioned, has three years left on his max extension – which will pay $167.2 million in that time.

Green’s new extension in the Bay will keep him there until the 2026-27 season, so it is very possible Curry could sign an extension that sees him play on with his buddy Draymond.

Only time will tell if the Warriors greatest player ever will grace us into his 40s.

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If Warriors fans had a say he would be playing well into his 80s no doubt.

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