Ex-NBA Employee Doubles Down on Facebook Post Slamming the League

The Ex-NBA employee that posted on the league’s account airing his grievances on working conditions has no regrets, not even one letter.

The former employee gave himself away in one of the posts as he shamelessly promoted his new business to the NBA’s 40 million followers on Facebook.

He has been identified as Dean Joannou and since the posts, he has spoken out about his actions.

“I quickly deleted it as an admin on the NBA’s FB page,” Joannou told Entrepreneur. “Then I used the platform to vent on the conditions there.

“I also formally do not apologize, and the NBA should consider improving their cybersecurity,” Joannou added.

The posts were put up on Monday and were deleted after 20 minutes but plenty of screenshots were made before then.

“How do I log out of this?,” The post read. “Haven’t worked here in weeks. Anyway, the NBA overextends it’s social media employees greatly to the detriment of their health and social lives for a salary of less than $50k annually after taxes. I worked 14 hour shifts without breaks at times. Shoutout Adam Silver. We don’t get health insurance until 90 days on the job! That’s silly isn’t it? Glad I resigned, no need for a job to get in the way of your happiness. Donate to mental health causes.”

In the second post as already mentioned, Joannou explains that he left his job as the Digital and Social Content Publisher with the NBA to start his own company.

The NBA is yet to comment at the time of writing.

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No doubt the league has their hands full and the PR department would be putting out fires left, right and centre since the Knicks took out a lawsuit against the Raptors on Monday.

Plus, James Harden drama continues to dominate headlines and the NBA have opened up an enquiry into Harden’s comments about Sixers president Daryl Morey.