Pat Beverley Makes Bold Trae Young Call After Team USA Snub

Hawks star Trae Young was noticeably omitted from the Team USA squad for the upcoming FIBA Basketball World Cup and one current NBA player that’s not happy about it is Patrick Beverley.

Young made it pretty clear recently that he wanted to play for USA and has been in camp with them before but wasn’t invited back this year.

Beverley thinks its an injustice Young was left off the team and even compared him to prolific three-point shooter Steph Curry.

“Close your eyes, turn around twice,” Beverley said on The Pat Bev Podcast with Rone. “Whoever you land on, that’s who you pick.”

Basically, Pat Bev’s way of saying he would pick Young over any of the players on the USA team right now.

“He’s won plenty of games,” Beverley continued. “He’s hit plenty of daggers. He’s reinventing the game. Whatever Steph Curry is leaving over, he’s taking it and running with it. Took his team to the Eastern Conference Finals. He’s won big on the road. You know what I’m saying? So you have to him a lot of credit.

“That’s not to take away from anybody else or how they run things with USA. Obviously, it’s a structure that comes with it, and everybody will want to be on the team. Like De’Aaron Fox, you can make an argument about anybody…And that might leave out the some of the best people. The best group of people is better than the best people.”

Now let’s just think about this Steph comparison for a moment.

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Like Steph, Young is another small point guard who is a gifted shooter but the 24-year-old only shot 33.5 percent from three during last season’s regular games.

Whatever the reason he wasn’t picked, there is no denying Young is a very talented player and has made two All-Star appearances – more than anyone on the current USA roster.