Bam Adebayo Has a Strong Message About Miami

Bam Adebayo

Bam Adebayo wants you to put some damn respect on the Miami Heat organisation and everything it’s achieved, especially in the last few seasons with its recent success.

Bam’s team has been to the NBA Finals in two of the last four NBA seasons and he is sick of the underdog tag and the narrative that the Heat are fighting.

“The fact that me and my team have been to the Finals twice out of the last four years, but every year they be like, ‘Aw Miami is a dark horse,’” Adebayo said on Playmaker HQ. “‘Miami’s not good enough to do that again. The first time was a fluke.’

“And it’s a lot of disrespect. Like I said, we’ve been to two Finals in the last four years. We’ve been to three Eastern Conference Finals in the last four years, and I don’t think anybody else in the East has done that in the last four years.

“And we’re doing it with 60 percent of our roster being undrafted and helping us win and somewhat at a point, carrying us to the Finals. You know for me, I feel like that should be a bigger story than it is. Everybody always seems to be shocked when we’re at the top again.”

It is hard to know why Miami doesn’t get the respect Bam mentions.

Miami’s core of Jimmy Butler and Adebayo rarely get the recognition they deserve.

Maybe if they add someone like Damian Lillard to the roster and win a championship that narrative might finally change.

Only time will tell.

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