Kyrie Irving Calls Out Dillon Brooks, Reveals True Reason for Jersey Snub

You may remember a moment back in March when after a Dallas-Memphis game Kyrie Irving and Dillon Brooks went to swap jerseys but Kyrie walked off without Brooks’ jersey.

At the time, NBA Twitter went crazy with the clip and Irving simply explained, “I was really onto the next thing, thought process-wise.”

However, on a recent twitch stream, Kyrie revealed that he was angry at Brooks and it formed part of the reason he didn’t take his jersey that day.

“Me and him had a whole viral moment this year after the game where I was pissed that I got hurt again,” Kyrie said. “I was not necessarily just pissed, I was pissed at him, and he knew it, too.”

Irving was having a great game and was on his way to register 30 points but the biggest villain in the NBA put a stop to it.

Brooks stepped on Irving’s ankle in the fourth quarter which caused Dallas’ momentum to come to a halt.

“He [Brooks] hurt me,” Irving said. “He didn’t do it on purpose, I don’t know if he did it on purpose. He hurt me again in that game. I had like 26 going into the fourth quarter at Memphis. We were supposed to win that game and go into the playoffs.

“He here is just doing Dillon Brooks things. I didn’t take his jersey after the game because I was so just so focused on getting to the locker room and getting my rehab done for recovery.”

The Mavs went on to lose the game but only four points but it really shot their postseason hopes in the foot (or ankle if you will).

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This incident was one of many for Brooks last season, who ended the season on a sour note and was ultimately traded away from Memphis for all of his antics and trash talk during the playoffs.