LeBron’s I Promise School Delivers Shockingly Low Results

The LeBron James-backed I Promise School in Ohio is in trouble, a new report about the student’s test results finds.

I Promise is part of the Akron Public Schools system but is operated in partnership with LeBron James and his Family Foundation – with the goal of helping children who are falling behind in their education.

But a report by the Akron Beacon Journal detailing students poor test results has shown the last time that eighth graders at the school passed a standard Ohio maths exam was in the third grade.

I Promise’s board President Derrick Hall has expressed his concern with the results and the student’s failure to meet expectations.

“For me as a board member, I just think about all the resources that we’re providing,” Hall said.

“And I just, I’m just disappointed that I don’t think, it doesn’t appear like we’re seeing the kind of change that we would expect to see.”

Keith Liechty-Clifford, the district’s director of school improvement added, “It is discouraging.”

The LeBron James Family Foundation released a statement on Monday explaining how they’re remaining committed to the school.

“When we started this work to wraparound students through education, we entered this partnership with Akron Public School for the long haul,” the statement said.

“Because this work requires a long-term commitment, hard work, and a lot of love and care. And that’s what we bring each and every day because the I Promise School is more than a school. We’re here for the ups and downs, and will continue to wraparound our students and their entire families so they can be successful in school and in life, no matter the challenges and obstacles that come their way.”

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