Draymond Takes Shot at Suns Center Following CP3 Trade

Chris Paul is now a Warrior and Draymond Green thinks Paul will elevate young Jonathan Kuminga’s game, like he did with Deandre Ayton in Phoenix.

“I will tell you one more thing that I think it unlocks, and I look forward to learning this from him — I think Chris Paul will completely unlock Jonathan Kuminga and his growth,” Green said on Podcast P with Paul George. “CP is great with young guys. Deandre Ayton looked like a bust before Chris came to Phoenix.

“No disrespect but more of a compliment to CP but people did not know what Deandre Ayton was gonna turn out to be and suddenly he became an All-Star level player. So, I think what he will do for Jonathan Kuminga and unlocking him is huge. Absolutely huge. And I look forward to learning that from him.”


Paul is a 12-time All-Star and experienced pass-first point guard. He is able to confidently lead offense, which will be especially handy when Steph is off the court.

Green says now that the Dubs have Paul on their roster, it creates a variety and flexibility that wasn’t there before.

“I think he brings a couple of things. Number one, I thought last year — and Steph said this in his press conference, we ran out of variety and what I mean about variety is in a team you need to have a variety,” Green said. “Our team last year did not have a variety of ways to score, and I think CP adds another thing to the menu to address the topic of a variety of ways to score.

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“CP plays totally different than Steph, totally different than Klay, totally different than me and Jordan Poole. I also think last year, Steph and I got split up a lot and me and Steph together we’re dangerous. Our minutes got split up a bunch because our second unit couldn’t figure it out and in turn, I got put into the second unit to help stabilize things. That’s like 15 less minutes a game we’re together. Well now, CP can anchor that unit, and I think that is a big thing to helping unlock our team again.”

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