Lakers Rookie Clears the Air After LeBron James Quote Goes Viral

Lakers rookie Jalen Hood-Schifino has learnt to respect his elders and watch what he says after he called LeBron James “old” in jest.

LA’s first-round pick was asked by the media on Tuesday about a graphic on draft night.

The graphic depicted how he was just seven days old when LeBron was drafted in the NBA and his initial response was pretty funny.

“I saw that … and was like, ‘Dang, LeBron’s old!’” Hood-Schifino said.

He’s not wrong. LeBron will be turning 39 years old next season but despite that, his work rate in the league is unbelievable.

The 20-year-old was clearly just having a joke, but he made sure to clarify what he meant when the comment started making waves.

“I would never disrespect LeBron,” Hood-Schifino wrote on his Instagram story. “He’s one of the best players to ever play this game and I’m blessed to be able to play along side him! If anything I’m giving him praise for what he’s doing at his age.”

Poor LeBron copped enough comments throughout last season about his age.

Memphis’ Dillion Brooks comments about LeBron being old last season backfired big time and his performances on the court suffered.

The Lakers rookie was probably aware of that and made sure to start his time at the Lakers on the right note.

Other rookies in Jalen’s draft class have shown a bit of disrespect towards King James as well, as they declared he is the player they’d most like to dunk on.

“It’s gonna feel special to dunk someday hopefully on LeBron,” Wembanyama said. “Because he’s been like the icon of the league for so long.”

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Charlotte Hornets number two pick, Brandon Miller also said James.

“It’s definitely Bron,” Miller said when asked which player he wants to dunk on. “You know, why not?”

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