Micheal Jordan Blasts Brandon Miller With Trash Talk During Workout

Number two draft prospect Brandon Miller worked out in front of Michael Jordan for the Hornets this week and Brandon copped some of MJ’s notorious trash talk.

Jordan is selling his majority stake in the Charlotte franchise but still has a big say about who the team will draft as their overall number two pick in Thursday’s draft.

MJ couldn’t help but mock Miller’s game but he didn’t seem too phased by it.

“It’s definitely cool meeting him,” Miller said. “He definitely sounds like how he sounds on TV, always trash talking. I just really had a fun time with him,” Miller said. He was then asked what MJ told him when talking trash, to which the Alabama standout shared: “He told me I was just a shooter, just shooting threes. So I mean I’m not gonna believe that, I know my talents and my abilities. Can’t really let Jordan get in your head.”

The 20-year-old wasn’t afraid to give it back to Jordan after he missed a free throw.

“He air-balled a free throw,” Miller said. “I have that up on him.”

Miller went on explain that despite the trash talking, Jordan made him feel right at home on the court and being in His Airness’ presence was inspiring.

“Honestly, I kind of saw him in the room as just a regular person in there watching me work out,” Miller said. “But knowing he is Michael Jordan, he is not just a regular person. It kind of motivated me, actually. I think my dad was like, ‘Were you nervous in there with Michael watching you?’ But he is a great dude. He makes you feel like you’re at home.”

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It seems as though Miller made the right impression on MJ as Charlotte’s keenness in the wing hasn’t wavered, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Woo.

“Miller and Henderson returned to Charlotte Monday for second visits and workouts as the Hornets finalize their plans at No. 2. Sources told ESPN the feeling coming out of that workout was that Miller further helped himself, bringing a much greater intensity level, making shots, and faring well when tested in defensive situations,” Woo said. “The word was he also had a positive meeting with Michael Jordan, and at this point, all indications are that the Hornets are prepared to go with Miller here.”