Shannon Sharpe Blasts Jimmy Butler for His HOF Take

Shannon Sharpe sure didn’t hold back and took aim at Jimmy Butler for his Hall of Fame (HOF) comments on his final episode of Fox Sports’ Undisputed.

Earlier in the week, an interview Butler did with NBA TV’s Jarden Greenberg and he said some fairly disrespectful comments about the HOF.

“Honestly speaking, could care less,” Butler told Greenberg. “If we’re being brutally honest, if I was selected to the Hall of Fame, I’m not going [to attend the ceremony].

Sharpe responded to Butler’s comments and pretty much roasted him for what he said.

“I hate everything he (Jimmy Butler) said,” Sharpe said. “I have a big problem with it. I get it: You’re in the middle of the NBA Finals….you can say, ‘I’m really not thinking about the Hall of Fame right now. The most important thing with me is to find a way to win one game in Denver to try to get it back to Miami.’ But to be this openly and blatantly disrespectful of what we call ‘Heaven’..See, this is what turns people off about athletes. Because the arrogance and the pompousness of this joker.”

Sharpe’s co-host Skip Bayless also weighed in.

“After these past 10 games, does he even belong in the Hall of Fame?,” Bayless said. “If I have to think twice about it, you don’t belong in it.”

Sharpe is leaving Undisputed after being on air with Byaless for the best part of seven years, with many saying Sharpe is leaving because he’s tired of Skip’s BS. 

As for Butler, he didn’t help his HOF case in the series against Denver as Playoff Himmy went missing for a number of games.

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