Jerry West Pays Respect to Steph Curry’s Unique Skill & Underrated Defense

Steph Curry is the best three-point shooter the NBA has ever seen but Lakers legend Jerry West believes he’s much more than that.

Hall of Famer Jerry West appeared on Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George’s Podcast land spoke about a range of topics, including the time he talked Kobe out of going to Memphis Grizzlies. 

West was a exec at Golden State for six seasons (2011-17) and was discovered a new-found appreciation for the prolific shooter.

“Steph, he’s just a fantastic person,” West said on Podcast P with Paul George. “Oh my god, what a great guy. Again, he’s different than everybody thinks he is. He’s a better all-around player than he gets credit for. He’s really good.

“When you watch him now, at one time, I didn’t think he was a good defender. [Now], I think he’s a terrific defender.”

During his storied career, West was a 14-time All-Star, a 12-time All-NBA honoree, and a five-time All-Defensive Teamer and the now 85-year-old can see how Steph has changed the game.

He also said how he would like to share the court with Curry, which would have been epic!

“I mean I would damn sure like to play with him. He’ll pass the ball,” West said. “But he’s got that unique skill that has changed the game a lot and the more they emphasize it, the more these young kids you’re talking about, per their parents, pushing them that direction — and don’t kid yourself, parents do this.

“To me, I wouldn’t want to see Shaquille O’Neal try to shoot three’s, I know that. I saw him shoot free throws. Steph Curry, he will be here forever.”

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