How Larsa Pippen Hid Relationship with Marcus Jordan in the Early Days

Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife, Larsa Pippen, was very secretive about her relationship with Marcus Jordan (Micheal Jordan’s son) when they first started dating.

The pair made their relationship public in January and have started a new podcast called Separation Anxiety, where Larsa revealed that she even kept Marcus’ name under a different alias in her phone.

“You know what’s funny, I feel like a lot of people don’t know that I could never really put you under your name on my phone,” Larsa said on Tuesday’s debut episode.

“So I had you under Marc Jacob… I don’t know why I had you under Marc Jacob but that’s what I had you on my phone because I didn’t want anyone to know when you would call me.”

As the pair began to grow closer, Larsa recalled that she was questioning if her relationship with Marcus was worth the “smoke” they would get.

“I figured this was off limits,” she said. “It was not something I wanted to go to war for. I feel like you have to pick and choose your battles, and I wasn’t sure…”

It is worth mentioning that on top of the Jordan/Pippen connection there is a 16-year age gap between the two.

Marcus went into detail about his family’s reaction to dating Larsa as well.

“People around us started to ask questions,” Marcus said. “My mom was asking questions, and my brothers were asking questions. And so, I think from that point on, it was kind of like, ‘Well, let’s figure it out and see where this can go.’”

“I don’t think there was ever any hurdles, I just think there was some shock value to the fact that we were dating. Caught maybe some people on my side of the family off guard a little bit.”

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Larsa responded with, “It caught me off guard! I get it. I understand.”

Things are clearly going well between the two and it was even reported earlier this year that the couple are going to try for a baby. 

Wild that Larsa could potentially have created and birthed both Pippen and Jordan babies!

No doubt we’ll be hearing more details about their romance on the new podcast, so stay tuned.