Warriors’ Offseason Plans Revealed: Report

There are a boatload of issues the Warriors need to sort out over the offseason and the franchise is going to look at multiple ways to restructure the roster, The Athletic’s Anthony Slater reports.

Steph Curry reportedly wants to run back mostly the same squad for at least next season, if not beyond that.

“That’s what Curry wants, The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami wrote last week. “His opinion sort of matters.”

You bet it does.

It is now being reported that despite Curry’s apparent wishes, he looks to be the only certain player to retain his spot in the offseason, Slater explains.

“Poole’s salary jumps from $3.9 million to $27.4 million next season. That’s what elevates the urgency of the situation. If the Warriors want to keep Green and still suppress that overall bill back below $400 million, they need to shed a larger salary,” Slater said. 

“But the new restrictive CBA penalties above the second tax apron don’t kick in until the following season, when [Klay] Thompson’s $43 million comes off the books. That gives the Warriors time and an extra layer of flexibility as they figure out how best to remain competitive without handcuffing their future. [Joe] Lacob’s appetite to win only seems like it has been ignited more by [Bob] Myers’ departure. Sources indicate that there is no plan for a salary dump trade this summer that’s purely about cutting the bill.

“That doesn’t mean [Jordan] Poole is safe. That doesn’t mean anyone besides Curry is safe. The Warriors intend to explore various avenues to restructure the roster this summer, both small and large in scope. That could mean Poole is part of a trade if the return package appeals. But Poole is not actively being shopped, there is no edict to cut salary and his side has been given no current indication that his future will be elsewhere.”

The franchise already lost their beloved GM Bob Myers, who was the first domino to fall. And his exit is likely the beginning of a new chapter for the team.

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It seems like there will need to be some tough conversations had at Golden State this summer and it may be the end of the veteran core of Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Steph Curry as we know it.