KD Hits Back at Nets Fans About Bruce Brown’s Exit

Kevin Durant is fed up with taking the blame for Bruce Brown’s exit from Brooklyn and he has let fans know.

Brown is now at Denver, so is one win away from earning a chip and he was instrumental in the franchise’s Game 4 win after scoring 11 of his 18 points in the fourth quarter.

Last month, Brown appeared on The Dan LeBatard Show and said it was his belief that the Nets wanted him back, but there were external factors outside of the front office that didn’t permit it.

“To be honest, I don’t think it was the Nets’ front office organization who made that decision, because from what I’ve heard, they wanted me back,” Brown said.

Many assumed this meant it was KD that didn’t want Brown back and ultimately made the call not to re-sign him.

In a moment of weakness, KD let the internet trolls win and he hit back on Twitter.

“At some point, Nets Twitter has to stop making sh*t up… I know, I know, I’m soft for this tweet. I’ll delete soon,” Durant wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted.

It didn’t end there, as fans obviously saw Durant respond so they took their opportunity to attack him for not taking responsibility for the hot mess at Brooklyn.

One Twitter user said, “The fact you on here being mad defensive about how shot went down in Brooklyn and pretending that [yo]u didn’t just get a good coach fired is a major red flag. You got the self awareness of a hair brush (if [yo]u even know what that is).”

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Durant responded with, “It’s gon always be easier to just #blamekd.”

Another user said, “Only time he was speaking up publicly was through his yes man Rich, and that was the ‘ultimatum’ on Nash and Marks. Never took the ownership to stand up publicly and lay out his cards. Him, Kai, and Harden all failed and no one will ever own up to it. Honestly glad its over.”

Durant labelled this “fan fiction.”

KD is clearly still frustrated about what went down and Brown’s comments certainly haven’t helped diffuse the situation.

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