LePodcast Episode 74: Is this Denver’s Title to LOSE?

In episode 74 of LePodcast, Hoop, and Sainey take a deep dive into the NBA Conference Finals matchups thus far. The episode starts off addressing the Grant Williams and Jimmy Butler square off, and if Grant Williams is to blame for the Celtics LOSING Game 2. The conversation then transitions into a DAWG debate, comparing Tatum and Butler and discussing why Tatum seems to have an on-and-off “dawg” in him. Heading over to the West side of things, the Boys talk about Denver and how they are basically guaranteed a trip to the Finals after going up 3-0 against the Lakers, and decide if this year’s Ring is ultimately Denver’s to lose. Ending off the episode, Sainey and Hoop look back on the Westbrook trade made back during the trade deadline, and if it was the right move for the Lakers to make, then go into a debate on if LeBron James can even be a 2ND OPTION on a Championship team.

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