Draymond Green Blasts Critics Calling Him a Lakers Fan

Draymond Green was garnering quite the reputation as a Lakers fan during the playoffs and it became a bit of joke on NBA Twitter, but Green has hit back.

“By the way, for all of y’all out there that were like, ‘Aw man the Lakers lost and Draymond won’t do a podcast,’ I play for the Golden State Warriors,” Draymond Green said on The Draymond Green Show. “Some of you people are so pathetic, and like the beliefs you allow yourself to believe, and I can absolutely understand why life don’t be so great. Because of the beliefs you allow to enter your mind about someone else, really is a reflection of what you believe and think of yourself and how you operate and think.”

The Warriors were eliminated by the Lakers in the second round and after that, Draymond declared the Lakers would win the Western Conference Finals against the Nuggets in six games and was giving advice on how the team could win at different points in the series.

Earlier in May, it was also reported that Green asked the Warriors for permission to miss some of their road trip to watch LeBron James become the NBA’s all-time leading scorer during the regular season.

So, despite Draymond being pretty complimentary of the Lakers and LeBron, he says NBA fans went too far.

“I thought that was a very interesting thing that people were like, ‘Aw man they lost and Draymond don’t wanna talk, he’s hurt,’ like what?” Green said. “Actually, I’m on vacation and having a margarita, so cheers. A margarita made with Lobos tequila. Absolutely incredible, but like I said anyway, toast to all of you.”

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