Utah Jazz Interested in Trade for Dallas Superstar Luka Doncic

Luka Trade

Multiple NBA sources have reported that the Utah Jazz are interested in Slovenian superstar Luka Doncic.

The Athletic’s John Hollinger was the first to share these rumors in May and now, the Salt Lake Tribune’s Andy Larsen says that he’s heard the same thing.

“I’ve heard similar things, for what it’s worth,” Larsen said. “I don’t have spies, but I do have sources within the Jazz organization, who say that the Jazz are keenly interested in Doncic. That being said, it’s also fair to say that the Jazz are ‘keeping a very interested eye’ on many stars around the league — they want to use at least some of those draft picks acquired in the Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert trades on acquiring a star in the trade market.”

Doncic just recently earned his fourth consecutive All-NBA honors, but despite his incredible feats on the court, Dallas couldn’t even make it to the postseason this year.

The jelling of Doncic and huge trade piece at the deadline, Kyrie Irving, hasn’t exactly gone to plan.

Meanwhile, the Jazz have a solid young core and adding Doncic into the equation could be the perfect mix.

Utah certainly have the means to land a star like Doncic and build a championship team, with the amount of future draft picks they have.

Of course, Doncic will have request a trade for any of this to happen, but you could clearly see his happiness on the court diminishing as the season went on.

In late March, Doncic even said himself: “I used to have fun, smiling on the court, but it’s just been frustrating…”

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In saying that, Doncic did clear the air in early April when there were rumors of him requesting a trade.

“It was funny because I didn’t know that was true,” Doncic said. “I didn’t say it…. I’m happy here. There’s nothing to worry [about].”

Mavs governor Mark Cuban also deliberately tanked the last few games of the season to benefit from the draft and Doncic and Irving’s refusal to tank earlier shows glimpses of a team falling apart.

Utah should definitely keep an eye on the situation in Dallas because one more bad season and Doncic may just want out.