Dennis Schroder Responds to Steve Kerr’s Claims of Lakers Flopping

Dennis Kerr

Lakers guard Dennis Schroder has responded to Warriors coach Steve Kerr’s claims of LA flopping in Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals.

Before the two teams face off in the Game 5 on Wednesday, Schroder clapped back at the accusations with one of his own.

“If they set illegal screens, sometimes you gotta show them that they are moving on the screen,” he said on a livestream with Adin Ross. “If you don’t do it, they’re not gonna call it.”

Kerr’s comments were voiced after the Warriors’ 104-101 defeat in Game 4. A game where the Lakers shot 20 free throws.

Kerr made it clear he was not happy with the calls and thought that the flopping was unjustly rewarded by the officials.

“I think we had three or four illegal screens called, and that was disappointing,” Kerr said. “I didn’t get a look at the replay on any of them. But there were a couple that were very disappointing just live. The Lakers — they’re a team that plays with a lot of gamesmanship. They understand how to generate some calls. I thought they took some flops and were rewarded, but I’ll have to see the replays. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe those were all illegal screens but didn’t feel like it watching it.”

It is interesting to note that in the regular season, the Dubs shot the lowest amount of free throws in the league, while the Lakers shot the most out of every team.

Warriors guard Steph Curry was also queried about the flopping but he elected to blame himself and his teammates instead of their opponents.

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“AD [Anthony Davis] is going to put pressure on you all game, so you’d like to not let him get eight off, that might not kill you,” Curry said.

“It’s more the other guys, the ball handlers. Schröder gets 10 free throws. That can’t happen. Whether we think its a foul or not we can’t put ourselves in that situation. That’s how he makes an impact because he is super quick, you know, in his first step. We do have a certain strategy around him, but you can’t let him get to the line 10 times, that’s a killer. We’ll make those adjustments. Understand again, it was a quick turnaround from Game 7 against Sac [Sacramento Kings]. We’ll be locking in on what the Lakers do well and our confidence is high that we can bounce back.”

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