Stephen A. Smith Says if LeBron Wins Fifth Title He Could Surpass MJ’s GOAT Status

Smith said

If LeBron wins a fifth NBA title, it would warrant a discussion on LeBron passing Michael Jordan as the greatest player in NBA history, according to ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith.

“I will acknowledge that I have found it insulting, for anybody, to think that he belongs above Michael Jordan,” Smith said on First Take. “If he were to win a fifth title this year, I would no longer feel insulted by that discussion. I would have to concede that.”

MJ and LeBron have both had unbelievably storied careers but as its stands, Jordan has six NBA titles while LeBron has four.

In saying that, LeBron has reached the Finals a total of ten times, while MJ has reached the Finals six times – but his strike rate was obviously perfect.

“I’m still not putting him above Jordan,” Smith continued. “But I understand others who’d think otherwise because for him to take this team from where it was to where it is now…and for him to turn around in his 20th season and play the way that he’s played…and to capture an NBA title in this particular season at this stage in his career. It would warrant a discussion as the greatest player to have ever played this game.”

LeBron is also now the league’s all-time leading scorer, so if he was to clinch a fifth NBA title this season, it would definitely close the gap between the two for many in the NBA world.

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