Inside Jordan Poole’s Tense Locker Room Media Interview

The Warriors are down 3-1 after a Game 4 loss to the Lakers and shooting guard Jordan Poole had another forgettable night.

His form this season has been disappointing, especially during the postseason. In narrow 104-101 Game 4 loss, he contributed no points, three rebounds and two assists and only played ten minutes.

Poole was visibly frustrated when talking to reporters in the locker room after the game and his teammates were listening in closely, according to Warriors reporter Kerith Burke.

“The visitor’s locker room is really cramped, so when that music went off, all of the other players were listening as well,” Burke said. “… It was like all eyes and ears were on Jordan right there, and it just heightened the tension. … I was like, ‘Jordan, we know your work ethic is good. When you feel like you’re in a little bit of a funk — when things don’t seem normal, what’re you doing? Are you getting back in the gym?’ And he said, ‘Well, my work ethic doesn’t change. My routine doesn’t change. Maybe opportunity changes, but you can only control what you can control.’ So, the frustration very clear coming through from Jordan Poole.”

Poole scored 21 points on 7-15 shooting in Golden State’s Game 1 loss to LA but since then has only scored a total of 11 points over the last three games on 5-19 shooting from the field.

Steph Curry made it clear after the game that the whole team was the blame for the loss, not just any individuals like Poole.

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“We get questions about him a lot, and our whole team, we’re in this together in the sense of trying to figure out how to win playoff games,” Curry said. “We all have to make adjustments. We all have to play better considering we’re in a 3-1 hole. So there’s no sense in isolating him in this situation. It’s all about collective, what can we all do to be better.

“There’s no sense in isolating him in this situation. It’s all about collectively what can we all do to be better. … If we’re going to get out of this hole, we all have to play better.”

A former Warriors guard thinks the team should trade Poole as he just hasn’t lived up to expectations since signing a four-year $128 million contract extension last summer.

The shooting guard complemented Steph perfectly off the bench during last season’s championship run but it seems this season his shooting has taken a major dip.

Game 5 on Wednesday, May 10 at 7:00PM PT is a game where Poole will need to find his shot in front of the Warriors home fans, or there will be a lot more questions asked in the offseason.