LeBron’s Game 3 Performance Has Left Steph Curry Perplexed


It seemed as though LeBron was in full mind games mode in Game 3 as he didn’t attempt a single shot in the first quarter and his game plan left Steph Curry searching for answers.

In the first quarter, LeBron only rebounded and passed to his teammates and then suddenly in the second quarter, he had ten points, and added four rebounds and four assists.

Of course, Draymond Green put out a podcast after the game and he relayed how confused Steph was about the whole situation.

“Steph said to me, ‘Yo, I’m trying to figure ‘Bron out,’” Green explained. “After not taking a shot through most of the first half, he ended up getting it going with 21 [points], eight [rebounds] and eight [assists]. You know it was big, really big. [He] hit some big shots, some time shots. One of the threes he hit on the wing in the first half was a very timely bucket. And, you know, it slowed our run down.”

LeBron’s different way of attacking things certainly didn’t help the Warriors. As well, the way in which Golden State lost was seen time and time again in the regular season, which Curry addressed after the game.

“A lot of games [this season] just slipped through in three bad minutes, six-minute stretch. Whatever that is, the whole tone of the game changes,” Curry said. “It’s not a good feeling when you’re trying to settle into what’s happening in real time. … Last series proved that we can figure it out and overcome something unfortunate. We got to do it again, based on what happened tonight.”

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Despite trailing by one game in the series, the Dubs aren’t panicked and shooting guard Klay Thompson is confident his team can bounce back in another LA home game on Monday.

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you win by 30 or lose by 30. It’s still 2-1,” Thompson said. “We have to remind ourselves that we’ve got another chance to even the series and then go home. As ugly as this was tonight, we have another opportunity on Monday. There’s no point to dwell on it … we’ve been through more adversity than a 2-1 deficit. We know how to respond.”

Game 4 of the Warriors-Lakers series will take place on Monday, 8th May at 7:ooPM PT.

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