Anthony Davis Has a Message for His Critics After Game 3 Bounceback


Anthony Davis was a huge asset for LA in Game 3 against Golden State, after copping backlash for his poor performance in Game 2.

The forward says that he doesn’t hear (or even see) the hate, which is probably for the best because fans and the media have been pretty brutal to the eight-time All-Star.

“Hell nah, I’m not on social media and it’s been that way for about four months,” Davis told B/R. “I don’t know what anybody is saying. Most times it’s just clickbait to draw ratings. I don’t give that sh*t any attention. I’ve got three kids and a wife I want to keep happy. I don’t need any other stress. You obviously want to compete at the highest level and perform to your best, but sh*t, it doesn’t go that way sometimes.

“When that negative stuff starts to circulate, I go into my own little world and remind myself of who I am and what I can do and why people are criticizing me. You’re criticized for a reason. It’s because of who you are or who they know you can be. Every single time before a game, I remind myself of who I am and I go compete.”

The 30-year-old is averaging 21.2 points, 13.9 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 4.1 blocks on 51.4 percent shooting from the field in nine games during the postseason.

But his performances have been inconsistent. He recorded 25 points and 13 rebounds in the Lakers most recent game (Game 3) but then just 11 points and seven rebounds, (Game 2) and 30 points and 23 rebounds (Game 1).

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Davis is adamant that he tries hard every game and was blissfully unaware of the roasting he was receiving by almost every sporting outlet and NBA fan on the planet after Game 2. A game which the Warriors won by 27 points.

“It’s not like I say, ‘Well, you know what, I’m going to take the night off. I’m not going to go hard tonight. I’m not going to make shots.’ It’s not like that,” Davis said. “People always want to tell you what to do, but I shot 10 times in Game 2 and I shot 11 times tonight [Davis took 10 field goals]. I got the same looks. Nothing was different aside from me making shots.

“I’m very strong mentally. It’s hard to let anyone or something get into my head. If that happens, it’s something serious. But I try not to allow anything to get into my head that I don’t want to. I have a great support system around me. They won’t allow me to stay in a negative space for too long.”

The Lakers get a chance to go up 3-1 in the series when they face the Warriors on Monday, 8th May at 7:00PM PT.

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