Jarred Vanderbilt Blasted For Returning Used Clothes From Game 1 Tunnel

Jarred Clothes

Jarred Vanderbilt was photographed in the tunnel before Game 1 in a $2000 drip and the boutique where he bought the clothes is calling him out for returning them the next day.

The Lakers posted him arriving at the game in the fit, so the boutique worker had clear evidence.

Sure, he doesn’t have the biggest NBA contract but he would definitely make enough to keep the clothes. Lol.

Former Lakers guard Patrick Beverley, who was also teammates with Vanderbilt in Minnesota couldn’t believe it when he saw the post and commented on Twitter.

The move has fans divided on Twitter, with some saying wearing an outfit then returning it is pretty commonplace in the high fashion world.

“This is very common in fashion ask literally any stylist. Come in with a list have it pulled make a consignment/ take a deposit use it bring it back anything they want they are charged/gifted and everyone moves on. Why burn that bridge over 2k,” one user wrote.

“That’s what all the big stylist do I’m speaking from the experience purchased 250k worth of product just to return it after the music video,” another user said.

“okay so what? Bro’s still worth more money than all the people “calling him out”,” another user stated.

Others think the move is fairly distasteful, saying that “He still living the fake it till you make it life.”

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Vanderbilt will need to put the incident behind him and focus on Saturday’s huge Game 3 match up against the Warriors in LA, which will take place at 5:30PM PT.