NBA Insiders Roast Stephen A. Smith For His Freezing Cold LeBron and Steph Take

LeBron Steph

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said that if Steph Curry goes on to beat LeBron’s Lakers and win a fifth championship, that Curry could take James’ spot on the NBA’s Mount Rushmore and his take is not sitting well with other NBA Insiders.

Two of Smith’s ESPN colleagues, Brian Windhorst and Jay Williams, were quick to disagree with the sentiments as LeBron is one of the best players in NBA history and he shouldn’t be discounted so easily.

“I’ve been waiting to say this line to you for so long,” Williams said to Smith. “Stay off the weed, Stephen A. You know how I know you? You know how I know you give clickbait? You get people talking. You didn’t even make the claim that he is going to be in the top five — top four in the Mount Rushmore. You just said, ‘The discussion.’”

Curry has one NBA Finals MVP to his name, while LeBron has four. Steph may have a better win record in the playoffs against LeBron, but King James has dominated in the stats when they go head-to-head.

“Mr. Smith, please come home,” Windhorst said. “You’ve been in California for too long. Too much sun, too much blue skies, too much 75 degrees, come back to the cold gray of the Northeast, the gritty streets. You’ve lost it a little bit. This is grade A insanity.”

The Lakers have already taken the first step toward the Finals in Game 1, off the back of a 30-point and 23 rebounds from Anthony Davis on the road.

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