Anonymous Media Member Exposes Toxic Culture at Clippers On Twitter


One anonymous reporter has taken to Twitter to air all of LAC’s dirty laundry.

They were a media member at the Clippers this year and got to be a “fly on the wall” as they put it.

We have done some curating and you can find the most interesting parts below.

The first part involves Ty Lue and how he was deliberately throwing the season:

“Ty Lue hates the FO, Vice Versa. Most of the players hate Ty as well. Anything they say about him in the media after he leaves is complete cap.

“Ty Lue kept playing those 3-4 guard lineups cuz he’s trolling before he dips.

“We all know Ty would rather shoot people out of the game vs lock them down. But once the FO started to push for more defensive lineups, he got salty and stuck to the guard rotations out of spite. His friendship with Mook didn’t help either.

“Once they did that Ty Lue decided he’s gonna fu*k around. He knows the guard lineups don’t work, he’s not dumb. They were intentional. It’s his petty protest against the FO.

Ty Lue threw the season on purpose.”

Then, the anonymous person goes on to tell some stories about Kawhi Leonard’s weird behavior:

“Kawhi is a funny guy too. That Memphis game he sat out at the half had nothing to do with the medical staff. He decided that on his own and didn’t tell anyone. Legit just ghosted the team mid game.

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“Then the last Pelicans game back in March where Kawhi left early, he wasn’t even hurt at all. He just had an excuse to leave and he took it. Ghosted them again.”

They go on to describe how their slogans and mantras are BS, while dropping a bomb about one of the Clippers social media staffers.

“Looking back at the “Streetlights over Spotlights” slogan is hilarious now these guys actually hate being in the spotlight of anything. Complete socially awkward, inferiority-complex ridden individuals.

“They are not elite and get overrated in the media like crazy.

“The “People over players” mantra is just a cover for when they completely fumble on a draft pick, take an L on a signing or trade.

“I also find that mantra hilarious considering they have a predator running their social media, and didn’t fire him after learning about what he did. He’s still employed right now. Dude kept trying to get at a female staffer and didn’t stop, eventually got reported.”

If this stuff is true then, holy sh*t. Also seems like very specific information so why would someone make it up?

The anonymous person finished the thread by saying:

“Also, ESPN shows will also contradict some of this stuff cuz Ty got connects with em.”

Contrary to these findings, Russell Westbrook gave a ton of praise to the Clippers organization this week, which makes you think, how bad must it have been at the Lakers?!