Steph Curry Reacts to Fourth Quarter Madness That Almost Cost Warriors the Game


Golden State has evened the series 2-2 on their home court but a mistake by Steph Curry late in fourth quarter could have been very costly.

It was a close contest and the home team had a 126-121 lead in the final minute of the game.

The Dubs were out of timeouts after losing an unsuccessful challenge less than two minutes before.

Then, shooter Steph Curry was in the backcourt and called a timeout but unbeknownst to him his side had none left, which gave the Kings a free throw and a possession.

Malik Monk made the tech foul shot and then De’Aaron Fox shot a three after that, so the Warriors were in trouble and the energy had noticeably shifted in the Kings’ favor.

Luckily, Golden State managed to hold the away side out in the dying seconds with some suffocating defense.

During his on-court interview after the game, Curry said the game was: “Kinda sloppy with not knowing how many timeouts, some foul calls that didn’t go our way, we had a couple dagger shots that didn’t go in, but we knew we needed to dig deep those last ten seconds and make somebody other than Fox shoot it. Good contest, we live with those shots. Thankfully it didn’t go in, we protect home court, now we move on.”

After the game, Warriors coach Steve Kerr spoke on Curry’s timeout mistake.

“As we’re exiting the huddle, that’s on me. I gotta remind the guys we’re out of timeouts. I didn’t say that, and so Steph wasn’t aware. so that’s on me for not making that clear… The timeout is 100 percent on me.”

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Both teams will get a chance to take a lead on Sunday April 23 at 3.30PM ET on Sacramento’s home court.

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