Jaylen Brown’s Hand Injury Potential Concern for Playoffs Remainder

Brown Hand

Jaylen Brown cut his hand on broken glass nine days ago and during Boston’s 112-99 win over the Hawks, the laceration opened up.

“Split open during the game, but it’s fine now,” Brown explained, downplaying the incident.

He cut it while trying to pick up the broken glass of a vase and had to have five stitches afterwards and in Saturday’s game it caused him to have a rare six turnovers.

“I definitely got to clean that up,” the shooting guard said of his turnovers.

In the first quarter of the game especially, Brown was looking down at his hand or fiddling with the padding he was wearing after shooting the ball.

“It’s a constant adjustment, making sure I have a good grip on the ball,” Brown said.

“There’s not a lot of padding on it, so it’s just a different feel shooting the ball. [The pain] is fine. Especially with the adrenaline of the game, you kind of just get going.”

After he returned to the game, Brown scored 23 of his 29 points and his coach and teammates credited him as the catalyst for the Celtics 30-point lead going into halftime, after he grabbed an early steal that shifted the energy of the game.

“He came out aggressive,” Jayson Tatum said. “He looked like he looked fine and played really well.”

Brown also had 12 rebounds in a victory that helped Boston take an early lead over Atlanta, with Game 2 scheduled for Tuesday April 18 in Boston at 7:00PM ET.

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