‘It’s Bullsh*t’: Paul George Blasts the NBA


The Clippers have no extra days off from their playoffs Games 1-4 against the Suns and Paul George is absolutely fuming about it.

Every Western Conference first round playoff series has multiple days off before Game 4, except for LA and Phoenix, who will play every other day through the first four games. Making them the only teams in the West with such a grueling schedule.

“It’s bullsh*t. It’s bullsh*t.” George said. “The league’s been fu*king us up for a while. They’ve been fu*king us up for a while. Nah, I mean it’s tough for us in the past couple of years where we’ve had a tough schedule, playing the most games going into All-Star break. like we’ve just had years of tough schedules. With all of it, I think if we just look at it like let’s just fu*king take care of business, we’ll get the most rest out of this, get ready. Hopefully see where I’m at, maybe I’ll be good.”

Clippers forward George has been out since late March with a knee injury, but if the team can advance past this first series, it will give him a much better chance to come back and contribute in crunch-time.

Clippers coach Ty Lue said on Friday that the franchise will definitely exercise plenty of caution around George’s return.

“We’re definitely not going to do anything to hurt PG,” Lue said. “Even if he does try to come back and he’s not right, we’re not going to let him go because we’re not going to let him injure himself and make it worse than what it really is.

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“When he comes back, we’ll make sure he’s close to 100 percent without being able to injure himself even more.”

Game 1 of the Western Conference playoffs series between the Clippers and Suns will take place in Phoenix on Sunday at 5PM ET.