Skip Bayless Blasts Draymond Green’s Criticism of LeBron James

Bayless Green

In an ironic turn of events, sports personality Skip Bayless has gone in hard on Draymond Green after his comments on LeBron James, but Bayless has been one of James’ biggest critics for the better part of 15 years.

Green reacted to James’ play-in performance against the Timberwolves and was a bit surprised at how tired the 38-year-old looked out on the court after 45 minutes.

“He looked gassed at times, I was very shocked at that,” Green said on a recent episode of his podcast. “You never gotta question whether Bron is in shape or not, but he did look a little tired.”

Bayless very much took issue with Green’s comments, as this was his response:

“Draymond likes to talk about how he is now the new media,” Bayless said. “Well, whether you’re the new or the old, you’re still qualifying yourself as a media member because you’re doing a podcast regularly. It still comes across as being critical of a man that you’re business partners with on Uninterrupted, you are a Klutch client, so you’re also within the confines of his agency. I gotta tell you, it’s offensive to me, that’s stepping out of bounds.”

Fox Sports’ Bayless went on to explain that there are certain rules Green should be adhering to, but one has to wonder if he even follows these rules himself.

“For the sake of selling your podcast, there are certain rules and regulations that you’re still going to have to live by where there are going to be boundaries and I think you stepped across a boundary here,” Bayless said. “You’re trying to sell your podcast, I got it, we all try to do the same thing. But my point is, it felt out of bounds to me, because LeBron does not deserve that from Draymond.”

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As one of LeBron’s biggest haters, this all seems fairly rich. Bayless couldn’t even let LeBron celebrate breaking the NBA all-time scoring record without some negativity.

It has been well documented that Green is one of LeBron’s biggest supporters and only in February of this year, Green said that James is the NBA’s greatest ever endorsement.

Will be interesting to see if James himself comes out with some comments and surely as one of the most outspoken players in the league, Green won’t take this lying down.