Ja Morant Files Countersuit Against Teen Who Accused Him of Assault

Ja Morant

Ja Morant has filed a countersuit against the teenager who took him to court over a fight that occurred during a pickup game last July. According to multiple reports, Morant is now accusing the teen of slander, battery and assault.

The Grizzlies star has alleged Joshua Holloway made false statements to the police when he claimed Morant struck him multiple times and came to his house with a gun tucked into his pants.

Morant’s lawyers claimed Holloway’s statements could cost him All-NBA status this season and potentially millions of dollars.

The two-time All-Star is eligible for an approximate $30 million bonus if he makes an All-NBA team this season, but his chances of doing so took a major hit when his off-court incidents led to him missing time late in the season.

Morant’s countersuit has also claimed Holloway initiated the incident by throwing a ball into Morant’s face and later threatening to pull a firearm on him.

“Getting hit in the face with a basketball hurts; for a professional point guard like Mr. Morant, an injury to the eyes or nose could be career ending,” the suit claimed.

The filing added that after Holloway threw the ball at Morant, he clenched his fists and moved towards him, prompting Morant to strike him once.

More to come.

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