CJ McCollum Calls Out Zion Williamson Over Diet And Availability

Zion Williamson

CJ McCollum was very patient with Zion Williamson when they first became teammates last season, but now it appears even he’s had enough of Williamson’s never-ending injuries.

“Availability is important, man,” McCollum said after the Zion-less Pelicans were eliminated by the Thunder in Wednesday night’s play-in game.

“We’ve got to be available. We’ve got to do what we need to do off the court in terms of preparation, in terms of getting treatment, in terms of getting the right sleep, the right type of hydration, having the right type of diet.”

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McCollum never mentioned Williamson by name, but there’s only way one to interpret comments about availability and diet when they’re coming from one of Zion’s teammates.

The former Duke star has also been widely criticised for saying he is physically fine, and yet still refusing to play until he “feels like Zion”.

He has also been called out for throwing down windmill dunks before yesterday’s crucial game, and then sitting out, which is also something he’s done before.

Williamson has now missed 194 of a possible 308 NBA games.

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