Paul George Gives Injury Update Ahead of Playoffs

Injury Update

The Clippers will be without veteran Paul George for at least some of their first-round playoffs series against the Suns with a right knee sprained he obtained in late March. 

“Sources: Clippers star Paul George is expected to be sidelined to begin the first-round playoff series against the Suns, but is making some tangible progress from his March 21 knee injury,” The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported on Monday.

PG-13 himself also gave an update on the latest episode of his podcast, telling listeners he’s making good progress in rehab and therapy on the injured knee.

“The leg is good man, I’m making progress,” Paul George said on Podcast P with Paul George. “You know how it was when we first was shooting; that was two crutches, then I went to one crutch, and now no crutch. I’m crutches. Better brace.

“I don’t know how soon. But nah man, I’ve been feeling better. I’ve been working my butt off. I’ve been grinding literally every day. Six days out of the week I’m training, I’m doing rehab. So I’m gonna give it every chance I got. It’s coming down to the wire.”

He went into detail about his current daily schedule: “I’m up at 9 o’ clock, therapy at 10 AM, getting out of there at like 1 or 2 o’ clock,” George explained. “Like I’m literally in there for three-to-four hours training. I’m doing iso stuff, kind of keeping the quad strong, stim stuff where they’re massaging it. I’m getting flexion where they’re bending [the knee] and trying to get that motion and that strength back. I’m lifting, cardio, cold tub, hot tub, literally everything. I’m doing it like an old man, but I’m getting there.”

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George was on the bench for the first time at arena for LAC’s home finale against Portland and also did a pregame workout – mostly upper body though, but still good signs.

During George’s absence, the team had a 6-3 record to close out the regular season and was able to clinch number five seed to avoid the play-in tournament but playing against a full-strength Suns team in the first round will be a tough task.

The eight-time All-Star this season has averaged 23.9 points, 6.1 rebounds, 5.1 assists and 1.5 steals in 55 games, so let’s hope to see him back sometime during the seven-game series that begins on April 16.