Draymond Green’s Getting Flamed Over His All-NBA Future Take

Draymond Green Flamed

Four-time Warriors champion Draymond Green is back at it again with another hot take on his podcast and this one hasn’t been well received at all.

In the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement, there is a new 65-game rule that applies to end of season awards, which seems like an attempt to curb load management.

This was Green’s very candid response:

“I can appreciate this and everyone can appreciate this until you got bums on the All-NBA teams and winning awards because someone didn’t qualify because they missed ten games at some point in the season with an ankle injury,” Green said “All of a sudden you don’t have any of those guys on All-NBA teams, then what NBA are we representing?”

In what won’t come as a shock, NBA Twitter has reacted to his comments and has some pretty strong opinions about it. Check out the best reactions below:


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