NBA Legend Explains Key Factor That Separates Jokic & Embiid In MVP Debate


Tracy McGrady says Nikola Jokic is his MVP thanks to one key factor.

“I’m leaning toward Jokic because he’s not playing with an All-Star,” McGrady said on TNT.

McGrady went on to say Nuggets big man was able to have a bigger impact on the game and his teammates

“His team is No. 1 in the West, 29 triple-doubles, and to me, he gets everybody involved,” McGrady said. “Like he has an impact. He’s not as a defensive player like Embiid, but I think his impact that he does so much so many other things. That really equals out to what Embiid brings his team. I just, the man is incredible.”

Embiid had a sizeable lead on Jokic for quite some time until recently, at least according to the bookmakers.

But when the Sixers big man sat out his highly anticipated matchup against Jokic on Monday, the odds immediately flipped in Jokic’s favor.

Now, they are dead even or close to it on most sportsbooks. Who wins from here is anyone’s guess.