Isiah Thomas Demands Public Apology From Michael Jordan

Isiah Michael

The Last Dance may have aired back in 2020 but Isiah Thomas can’t get past what was said about him in the Netflix docuseries.

The series was centered around Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls and showed their encounters with fierce rivals, namely Thomas and his team the Detroit Pistons.

MJ clearly harbored some resentment towards the Pistons and even referred to Thomas as an asshole, but Thomas has now called on Jordan to get his story straight.

“I just want some people to be honest,” Thomas said on Showtime Basketball. “I got no problem sitting down, talking with anybody. I live with love, peace, truth, honesty, courage, I stand on my square. I’m upright. I’d sit in any chair, and I’d talk to anybody. But some people, they ain’t telling the truth.

“You got on national television and you called me an asshole, and then you said you hated me. You said that on national television. Now, if you didn’t mean it, get on national television and apologize for it. Now, if you meant it, let it ride as it is.”

On the court the pair definitely did have a rivalry, and things tended to get pretty physical, but Thomas went on to explain that he and Jordan had a good relationship when they stepped off the court.

Thomas’ family even took care of MJ as he was establishing himself in Thomas’ hometown of Chicago, so Thomas clearly felt hurt by the comments and didn’t enjoy the way he was portrayed throughout the docuseries.

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