Devin Booker Implies Refs and NBA are Trying to Control Outcome of Games

Devin Booker

Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns have launched a scathing attack against NBA referees after losing to the Lakers 122-111 on Wednesday night.

“After the game is controlled in the first half and we’re down 20 to 30 free-throws, it’s kind of easier for them to give us some after that,” Booker said. “I watch these games every night, so I kind of understand what’s going on. I understand the agendas that are being pushed and trying to just get that out of my head and go out there and compete.”

Booker comments came on the same night that Suns head coach Monty Williams vented about Phoenix being awarded just 20 free throws while the Lakers had 46.

“I can sit here and rant and rave about what I feel like is not a fair whistle,” Williams said. “It’s just not. 46 free-throws. We’re attacking the rim. I’m getting explanations about we’re taking too many jump shots, midrange jump shots. We’re playing a physical game. They had 27 free-throws in the first half. They end up with 46. When do you see a game with 46 free-throws for one team?

“Like, that’s just not right. I don’t care how you slice it. It’s happening to us too much. Other teams are reaching, other teams are hitting and we’re not getting the same call and I’m tired of it.”

Chris Paul also had something to say on the matter.

“We’ve been seeing some crazy stuff in different situations,” Paul said. “I watch a lot of basketball and we’ve got a guy [Booker] who goes [to the rim] night in and night out and you don’t necessarily see the same [calls]. It’s crazy. Crazy how some of [the officials] too, you can’t even talk to them or approach them because that [communication] is horrible.”

The Suns are 28th in the league in free-throw attempts with 21.5 per game, while the Lakers are first with 26.6.

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