Concerns Grow Over Andrew Wiggins Missing Rest of Season

Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins hasn’t taken the court since February 13 due to personal reasons and it is clearly a very serious matter.

“What he’s dealing with, is some real sh*t,” one anonymous Warriors player told The Athletic.

Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd has reported every Warriors’ fan’s worst nightmare, that Wiggins will not return at all this season.

“I was told last night that Andrew Wiggins likely doesn’t return for the season,” Cowherd said today. “It’s not 100 percent, but the Warriors have come to terms with that.”

Golden State general manager Bob Myers denied a decision had been made one or the other during an appearance on 95.7 The Game.

“I haven’t heard anything along the lines of he’s not coming back,” Myers said. “There’s speculation on that, but I haven’t been told ‘Hey, look, I’m not coming back.’ Nobody said that to me… We got to respect him and his life and his privacy.”

Warriors coach Steve Kerr said he hoped to get Wiggins back before season’s end, but he stressed there were no timelines or guarantees.

“We’re giving him his space, as we’ve talked about, as he deals with something that’s way more important than a game,” Kerr said. “If he’s able to come back, that would be great. And if not, then that’s the case. Whatever happens, we’ll handle it accordingly.”

Steph Curry was also asked about Wiggins’ extended absence as the team continues to endure the fourth worst road record in the league at 7-26.

“This is a tough situation with him being away for so long but necessary. Life is bigger than basketball,” Curry said.

His teammates, coaches and bosses are clearly understanding of the serious and private nature of the issue, and they’re encouraging everyone else to follow suit.

“If we’re fine with it, and the people who pay him understand, then so should everyone else,” one player said.

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