Brandon Jennings Calls Out Draymond and Pat Bev Podcasts

Jennings Podcasts

Former NBA guard Brandon Jennings doesn’t like the “new media”, which features NBA players podcasting during the season. He thinks it isn’t doing them any favors on the court.

Two of the most vocal players in the game, Draymond Green and Patrick Beverley, have also been very vocal on their own podcasts and have built sizeable audiences as a result.

But Jennings thinks these players should just stop talking and let their actions speak for themselves.

Ironically, Jennings made these comments on a show hosted by Gilbert Arenas called Gil’s Arena.

“I think every NBA player that has a podcast that is talking, is karma,” Jennings said. “If you look at Draymond and how the Warriors are playing, it’s just bad. Every player that’s talking while they’re playing basketball is just karma.

“Patrick Beverley, all of them. They’re just having terrible seasons or it’s just not going their way. They just yapping, yapping, yapping. It’s like, shut up and just play basketball.”

The Draymond Green Show is currently the number two basketball podcast on Apple Podcasts in the US, and it’s helped him launch a media career well before retiring. Green even signed a multi-year deal with TNT last year.

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