‘Dopest Sh*t Ever’: Paul George Recounts Epic Kobe Bryant Moment

Paul George

NBA veteran Paul George idolized the late Kobe Bryant as a kid, much like the rest of the league and the world for that matter, but PG took things a step further than most.

“I was the whole nine,” George said soon after he broke out as an NBA star. “Anything you can think of. I had the Kobe jersey. I would do the Kobe walk. I would walk around the house doing the Kobe stare-down face. Anything you can name, I was idolizing him, trying to be like him.”

George clearly drew inspiration from Bryant throughout his career and he recalled a special moment he shared with Bryant during the 2016 All-Star game on the maiden episode of his podcast this week.

“Me and Kobe meet at the scorer’s table,” George said. “I’m geekin’. In my mind, it was like, ‘Damn. They could play all day. Fu*k we could chill right here, me and you. … I’m talking to him, I’m like, ‘Kob, I think I’m going for it.’ And we laughed about it. And he’s like, ‘Yeah, that’s how it starts.’ You make the first couple of baskets, and you know it’s your night. And he’s like, ‘Go get it. Go for it.’”

PG-13 did in fact, go for it.

He went off for 41 points in that game and set an All-Star Game record with nine three-pointers, with his points haul just one point shy of the record at the time, set by Wilt Chamberlain in 1962.

“To meet Kobe halfcourt, share that moment — the dopest sh*t ever,” George said.