Steph Curry Says Warriors ‘Tough Matchup for Anybody’ Despite Inconsistencies

Steph Curry

The Warriors’ wild home-away split has continued following a 113-105 loss to the Lakers, despite their messiah Steph Curry returning from injury.

Golden State are now 27-7 at home and 7-24 on the road, and their recent loss in LA means they’re now tied with Milwaukee for the second-most home wins, while also being tied with Detroit for the third-fewest road wins.

After Sunday’s loss, Curry acknowledged his side’s injury toll hasn’t helped matters lately but still believes in their ability to get the job done.

“There’s just a lot that we’re trying to deal with, and [we] still gotta stay optimistic about where we’re headed because until we get beat, we still feel like we’re a tough matchup for anybody,” Curry said. “That’s the confidence we have to have down the stretch and heading to the post-season.”

Curry missed the last 11 games due to a leg injury but was able to contribute a team-high 27 points, two rebounds, six assists and hit some impressive threes.

He only went 5-13 from three and shot 8-20 from the field, so was clearly was a bit rusty, which was to be expected after sitting out the last month.

“I felt great,” Curry said. “… to play 32 [minutes], pretty intense down the stretch. I felt like I got stronger as the game goes on…”

The four-time NBA champion is still confident in his side who are currently in fifth seed in the West on a 34-31 record.

“It’s weird to say it: We’re still trying to win championships, but we’re also trying to stay out of the play-in, too. Both can be true.”