Kevin Durant Gives Fresh Take On Kyrie Irving’s Trade Demand

Kevin Durant

Two weeks after saying he was upset about Kyrie Irving’s trade request, Kevin Durant has given a new take on the whole situation.

“I’m disappointed that we didn’t finish the season,” Durant said during the latest episode of The ETCs. “But I also know we’re all our own separate entities. We all move and do the things that we want to do for our careers. I can’t fault somebody for doing that even though it might have been at our expense as a team.”

Durant went on to say he “loved playing with Ky” and that he understood Irving did what he felt was best for him.

KD’s comments were a little more understanding than the ones he made during his Phoenix Suns introductory press conference a fortnight ago. While he was by no means heated, Durant’s frustration came through a little more then.

That day, Durant’s comments included “we were finally building the culture that we always wanted, “It just took away our identity” and “that was tough for me to stomach.”

Clearly, all those feelings are more than understandable. The Nets had the talent to compete for a championship and it all came to nothing because Irving asked out in the middle of the season.

To make matters worse, James Harden had already opted out the season prior.

At this point, Durant must be wondering what he has to do to find a teammate who will honour their commitment to at least see out a season.

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