Steph Curry Gifts Mike Breen Special Momento

Steph Curry Mike Breen

Steph Curry’s epic game-winning three against the Thunder in 2016 has been captured in his latest shoe release, but the moment wouldn’t have been the same without ESPN announcer Mike Breen.

Curry drew inspiration for Under Armour’s “Double Bang” pack from Breen’s legendary “Bang Bang” call that helped cement the shot as one of the most iconic in Curry’s career.

The pack features the Curry Flow 10 and Curry 2 Retro in new colorways to celebrate the moment, and Curry has now gifted Breen a special package.

“Seven years ago, you had one of the greatest calls in regular-season NBA history, the double bang” Curry said to Breen. “So, I wanted to give you this as a token of appreciation for that moment.”

“You’re the first person to get these in hand,” Curry told Breen. “So, we got a double bang call in 2016. Before it’s all said and done, I think I need a triple bang call from Mr. Mike Breen himself.”

The moment meant as much to Curry as it did to Breen, as he recently told JJ Redick it was an “​​an out-of-body experience.”

“It’s an honor to call his games, and to have him say I’m a small part means more than he knows, more than he can imagine,” Breen said after being gifted the shoes.

With 0.6 seconds left in overtime, Curry’s three-pointer got the Warriors a 121-118 win. It was Curry’s 12th of the game and a then-NBA record 288 for the season.