‘I Hope You Tear Your ACL’: Jaylen Brown Reveals Heated Incidents With 76ers Fans

Jaylen Brown

With the Celtics facing the 76ers in Philly on Saturday night, the stage was set for a wild atmosphere, and some Philly fans got more than a little carried away.

After the game, Jaylen Brown revealed just how crazy some of the fans were.

“The crowd was a little bit hostile,” he told NBC Sports Boston. “There were moments there was people on the side talking crazy.”

“I started talking to one of the fans because it got a little bit excessive. Where it got a little disrespectful and stuff like that. Even before the game, I was entering the arena, and there was people saying, ‘Oh, I hope you tear your ACL.’ I understand people care, and they love the team they cheer for, but I think it gets a little excessive at times.”

Of course, Boston fans have a far from perfect track record too. LeBron James famously once said Celtics fans are “racist as f*ck”.

Hopefully everyone can chill the hell out in future.

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