Jeanie Buss Responds to Harassment From Lakers Fan

Jeanie Buss Harrassment

Lakers owner Jeanie Buss must get a lot of messages, some nice and some not so nice, but one Lakers fan decided to post a DM he sent her and she didn’t respond well.

The fan was trying to paint himself as the good guy but Buss called him out on some previous messages he had sent, as she has clearly had enough.

Clearly, some Lakers aren’t happy with Buss, but there’s no need to turn into a cyberbully over it. It’s also worth noting that general manager Rob Pelinka is the one in charge of actual basketball decisions, such as constructing the roster.

It’s no secret the Lakers have been on struggle street since their 2020 championship. They made it to the playoffs the next year only to be defeated by Phoenix, and in 2022, they didn’t even make it that far.

The team is currently 13th seed in the West with a 27-32 record.

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