Kyrie Irving Responds to Late-Game ‘Hot Potato’ Debacle

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving has responded to the late-game hot potato he played with Luka Doncic that led to neither getting a shot off and Dallas losing to Minnesota 124-121 on Monday.

It was a rough series of events and led to Irving and Doncic being 0-2 in their first two games together.

“I’m still trying to emotionally recover, man,” Irving said in semi-mock agony. “It’s still so raw. Oh man. I would’ve liked to at least get a shot up. Obviously, with Luka taking it into the backcourt, on that steal attempt, it messed up our spacing a bit.

“We were going for a quick two, that was the plan. It didn’t end up going that way and I should have just given Luka a little bit more spacing. And then I thought I had a shot attempt on the second time he drove and kicked. … It’s just end of the clock, adrenaline running high and anything can happen.”

Irving also made sure to take responsibility for the late-game mishap.

“I’ve got to get a shot up if anything, or allow Luka to have some space to get a shot, and not turn the ball over in that situation. So it’s on me to just be smarter in those situations.”

The Mavericks’ new star duo will have their shot at redemption when they face the Nuggets on Wednesday.