Four Teams Emerge As Suitors For Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose

The writing is on the wall for Derrick Rose. He is in the second year of a two-year deal with a third-year team option, but is widely expected to be bought out.

The Knicks are now looking to “do right by” Rose and send him to an “ideal situation”, per Marc Stein.

According to various reports, there are four teams that have emerged as potential suitors for Rose.


The Bucks flagged their interest in Rose before the deadline but nothing eventuated. Now that the deadline has passed and everyone has had a chance to breathe, they could very well revisit the opportunity.

Rose would undoubtedly give Milwaukee some backcourt scoring help off the bench and guard depth.

Their main focus could be on extending their wing depth though, as that was their downfall last year when Khris Middleton got injured.

In saying that, the Bucks do have a knack for reviving senior players. Here’s looking at you, Brook Lopez.


SNY’s Ian Begley reported that the Kings were another team that checked on Rose’s status before the deadline.

The Kings have only got one player over 30 years of age: Matthew Dellavedova (32).

Their coach Mike Brown explained that they have a rigorous team practice schedule and don’t sway from it, so that their impressive 32-24 record stays intact:

“When you start doing those things, especially with a young team that doesn’t know — you might be able to do it with a veteran team at a high level — but when you’re doing it with a young team that doesn’t really know know, we start doing those things, you’re gonna get some slippage. And when you get slippage, that’s when some bad habits creep in.”

Could this mean they could use the steady hand of 34-year-old Rose? Even just his experience could be very useful if the Kings maintain their form and reach the Playoffs.


The Lakers have reportedly been interested in Rose since 2020, and if Rose gets bought out, they’ll finally have their chance.

LA have upgraded their roster and traded away Russell Westbrook, but with LeBron becoming more and more injury prone, they may just need another veteran to help steer the ship if his injuries persist.


A Chicago return would be an all-time fairytale homecoming.

The Bulls have slipped to 11th in the East on 26-31 and are struggling to find consistent form.

Rose could certainly show the Bulls how to drive to the hoop and provide the playmaking they so desperately need from a point guard in Lonzo Ball’s extended absence.