The Next Players to Join New Teams


A number of big names could be on the move with buyouts potentially in their near future. Let’s take a look at who they are and where they could be heading.


The Bulls, Clippers and Heat are all potential options for Russell Westbrook provided he reaches a buyout with the Jazz by March 1, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Westbrook previously said “hell no” when asked if he would have entertained a move to the Clippers instead of the Lakers, but at this point, he is in no position to be picky.


The Bucks have previously expressed interest in trading for Derrick Rose, per Marc Stein. And while they didn’t get a deal done before the trade deadline, the Knicks “want to do right by” Rose and send him to an “ideal situation”, according to the same report.

If New York proceeds, Rose could then join Milwaukee as a free agent.


Just a few months after the Clippers threw John Wall a career lifeline, LA traded him back to the Rockets, the franchise Wall previously described as “trash”.

Houston then waived Wall, and the Heat have since shown interest, according to Bally Sports’ Brandon Robinson. Miami was also interested in Wall before he signed with the Clippers last offseason.


Carmelo Anthony is 38 years old and even the desperate Lakers didn’t want him this season. But if there’s a way for him to get back into the NBA, it will most likely be via his friends around the league urging their teams to sign him.

Those wheels could already be in motion, according to Suns insider Landon Buford, who has reported that Chris Paul wants the Suns to offer Anthony a contract.

One potential problem here is that with Paul’s game declining this season, he likely doesn’t carry the sway within the organisation that he once did.